Spacer Damper Fatigue Testing


The new generation of quad and triple spacer dampers are undergoing development by Tyco Electronics and will form part of a long-term programme to upgrade the UK power transmission network over the next decade. Key to the service requirement is the ability to offer an operating life of at least 25 years, without maintenance or loss of performance. Life cycle testing is therefore a crucial part of this testing. A defined set of tests have to be followed involving the oscillation of the damper arms at known frequencies, forces and angular displacements. Historically this testing has been carried out by oscillating the damper arms using an AC motor on a CAM arrangement.

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd provided a more advanced solution with the use of National Instruments software and hardware plus linear motors from Parker SSD. By combining the FPGA technology with a linear drive system we could accurately control, monitor and acquire data on four independent test rigs. In addition, without the CAM type system the amplitude of oscillations could easily be controlled without stopping to alter the CAM radius.

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