LabStand for Clutch Testing


Requirements To test automotive clutches and minimise the operator skill level required, by being easy to operate and calibrate, but still maintain a very high accuracy, with clear reporting and raw data output. Solution LabStand from CCS for Clutch Testing Automated test solution with full operator guidance Latest transducer technology for high accuracy Manual screen […]

Genericase Testing Solution


Requirements Flexible platform to test components Lifecycle testing Adaptable control system Adaptable logging system Hydraulic control capability Solenoid control Encoder acquisition PID control E-Stop safety integration Solution Portable Enclosure Configured to suit test requirements Expandable and Future proof Closed loop servo control Acquisition into Diadem files Review data during long term tests Easy to calibrate […]

Mobile Daquire System


Requirements To analyse engine vibration and acquire torsional wind-up data, while synchronously logging voltages, temperatures, CAN data and GPS data. Also be portable to work in a car or on a Dyno. Solution High speed Acquisition Flywheel Torsion Crank Shaft Torsion Rugged Enclosure GPS Data CAN Data Volts and Temperature In Car Monitoring Easy to […]

In-Vehicle Data Acquisition

Bentley Mulsanne Data acquisition

Bentley Motors Ltd. required an acquisition system to analyze ECU signals synchronised with electrical measurements to prove out two areas of development in the release of the next luxury vehicle.

Mobile Daquire