The DAXES™ digital axes controller has been designed for simple servo control of up to three axes in a freestanding instrument which you can wire up and get running in minutes without training or the complication of referring to thick user manuals.

Download a PDF copy of the DAXES™ Manual

This product was initially developed to replace current hydraulic controllers at an aerospace company. The original controllers were lying unused because of the complicated setup and call out costs. Time saved in the design of a unit with a more obvious operation and calibration made it an outright success and thus created a product we extended upon to be more generic for any testing facility.

This fast configuration approach allows the unit to be relocated and setup quickly to carry out component testing. Some typical areas of use are:

1. Life testing of Aerospace hydraulic components – select pressure transducer, range, frequency, min & max, cycles and go

2. Life cycling testing of Brake Calipers with Antilock simulation – define profile for pressure and synchronous profiles for solenoid actuation

3. Life testing of Bicycle components using pneumatic actuators – Create typical loading profile in a spreadsheet and repeat millions of times, add synchronised side loading

4. Electric Motor control for speed cycling of components

5. Impulse testing

Outstanding product features:

1. Very easy to connect with screw terminals inside all connectors which are included

2. Very easy to calibrate and prove

3. Automatic update of software by just plugging in a USB key for 10 seconds

4. Make a profile in excel, put it on a USB key and it is copied over in 5 seconds

5. Worldwide support of internal ‘off the shelf’ components

 Providing cycling with multiple frequency ranges, servo control with adjustable alarm limits and cycle counts, voltage and milliamp outputs, it is fully compatible with external data loggers and has built in E-Stop safety relay for simple integration into existing safety circuits.

The DAXES™ is a product subject to ongoing development to suit customer requirements and software can be simply upgraded. By simply inserting a USB key the latest software will automatically update the unit with no further action required from the operator.

DAXES™ can easily be adapted to suit customer specification. If you have a particular requirement that this product doesn’t meet, give us a call and we will discuss with you how a suitable solution can be reached.