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A large percentage of CCS work is involved in the Aerospace industry. Here CCS provide a range from custom test jigs, data acquisition (Daquire™) to full computer controlled servo hydraulic systems for testing aircraft components such as Slat, Flap, Outboard brakes and thrust reverser systems.

Software Centred Design for Easy Operation

Our software centric design approach means that a common suite of software can be used for Quality, Fatigue, PAT and aftermarket. This is important as it means from the start of design testing through to production:

  1. The same control system hardware and software designs are applied from research through to production which minimises re-qualifying and proving new rig capabilities.
  2. If a software update is required invariably this can be applied to rigs of the same type without repeat costs for design and full re-testing.
  3. The software is designed with the operator in mind, hence it is easy to learn, new operator training time is reduced and operators feel comfortable changing from rig to rig with familiar interfaces.
  4. The calibration method is the same across the board. We have worked closely with Calibration companies to give them what they want and show a common screen format so that when they’re trained to calibrate one system they are trained for all. All of the above contributes to a huge saving of money and time.

In addition most of our software is based on our Conquire ‘backbone’ code. This allows test modules to be put together simply, in any valid order so authorised technical operators (via password) can create new or modify tests without calling us out. Also, if a new test is required which current modules cannot carry out, then upgrade cost is minimised by CCS just writing a new module and slotting it in to the Conquire system.


Off the Shelf Hardware

We stick to using easily available and modular acquisition & control hardware from National Instruments™ because:

  1. Quick to purchase and replace modules usually without our assistance for rigs across the world.
  2. Reliable from a leader in the field of acquisition and control hardware and software.
  3. Best efforts are made at future proofing products

We stick with NI because for 20 years we’ve had to rely on the above being true in order to provide our good service.


Figure 1: A page from the Daquire Operators’ Manual (download).


Data Acquisition: Daquire

We have worked hard with industry producing various forms of data acquisition systems. Over the years each system has started well then had various additions until reaching a point of over complexity in design and operation, by trying to be all things to all customers.

Our latest iteration of Daquire, our data acquisition system, is a complete rewrite using the experience of previous designs. It aims to meet the old ‘Keep it Simple’ adage and it is by far the best. The program flows from configure to acquire to analyse, then to report and printout/file. One of our systems is already saving one man week per month in automated data analysis and reporting.

Daquire takes advantage of the best current hardware (cRIO) whose small proportions mean we can make static or mobile systems and adapt to account for a very wide range of inputs (analogue, digital, temperature, encoder, vibration, GPS, CAN bus, LIN bus etc).

It takes advantage of Wide screen hi-res monitors to great effect when viewing live and analysis plots.

Data is saved in an excellent Diadem™ standard, widely used and extremely flexible in handling millions of data points, varying data types and multi-plots.

Daquire Operators’ Manual

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