Computer Controlled Solutions have worked extensively in the automotive and autosport industry over the past 20 years.


Labview Expertise

By maximising the expertise of our team of fully qualified Certified Labview Architects. We are constantly ready to take on the challenge of solving your engineering problems in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.

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National Instrument Expertise

We have been National Instruments alliance partners since 1994, which means we are one of the original alliance partners in the UK. These many years of developing solutions for our customers puts us in a unique position to advise on the most effective route to a first class solution.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Typically customers contact us to provide the following:

  1. Product Testing for R&D: upon initial product design a normal stage of development is then to model the product on a computer and test a prototype on a rig. Results from the test rig are used to validate/modify the model. This combined data is then used by engineers to develop the prototype into product. CCS have provided test rigs for this purpose. Our advantage then follows in using the same test rig design to save time and comparison testing in creating quality, fatigue and production rigs to follow the lifecycle of the product.
  2. Component Testing/Re-testing: For example we have provided test machines to test: brake pads, race calipers, valves, piston temperatures, vibration dampers, diaphragm springs, wheel jacks, door locks, steering columns, instrument clusters, injectors, batteries, CAN signals and many more.
  3. Specific Requirements (Not off the Shelf): For example, the racing dynamometer we provided (see Case Study). The control system for was not a standard dyno. We worked with the race engineers to obtain just the results required, different results and not an overload of too many results in using an off the shelf generic product. Because the design is modular we could then add in measurement and control features over the years. In one adaptation we used an already present encoder to log a file of angular position vs micro-litre fluid flow with 4us sample resolution.

Open your mind to possibilities

As we deal with some of the best and leading edge technology, its worth having a chat to us to see just what can be measured. What was impossible (or very high cost) 3 years ago is mainstream now!

With our standard hardware we can acquire 100’s of channels, make decisions easily in 25 Nano-seconds and not rely on special intermediate unknown black boxes to turn a measurement into a data point in Excel.

Our case studies on R&D, production and test rigs with high profile customers such as Bentley Motors & AP Racing should give you a good insight into our levels of expertise, take a look…

Case Study

Electric Park Brakes Assembly Press

AP Racing is a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars. CCS has provided them with bespoke test rigs, calibrators, and data acquisition systems since 1994. They are producing an Electric Park Brakes (EPB) assembly jig and...

Dynomometer Test Rig

AP Racing is a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars. CCS has provided them with bespoke test rigs, calibrators, software upgrades and data acquisition systems since 2011. Development of a control and acquisition system...

Brake Hose Capability Test Rig

A brake hose test rig with modular style, looking at the capabilities and fatigue of pressurised brake hoses under a variety of different parameters and simulations. Aiming for a modular approach for the overall system to allow for customisability and efficiency....

Seat Test Rig Upgrade

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC are a British multinational automotive company, with its headquarters nearby in Whitley, Coventry. They are a leading technology company in the field, with two iconic British car brands and an international reputation. With over 15...

Formula 1 Caliper & Brake Test Dynamometer

AP Racing required a new type of Dynamometer which could match the high speed and acceleration rates achieved by Formula 1 cars. Also of importance was a design which could carry out these tests within the actual sections of car’s standard wheel and suspension assembly, mimicking the airflow through ducting and around the brake.

High Accuracy Production Testing of Clutch Drive Plates

Abstract Magal Engineering required an end of line test rig to provide a traceable quality standard of clutch drive plates in order to supply Original Equipment (OE) parts to the automotive industry. Of importance were high….

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  The DAXES™ digital axes controller has been designed for simple servo control of up to three axes in a freestanding instrument which you can wire up and get running in minutes without training or the complication of referring to thick user manuals. This product...

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In-Vehicle Data Acquisition

Daquire RIO for Bentley Motors. Author Paul Riley is the MD and software engineer of Computer Controlled Solutions Limited (CCS) and has been alliance member with National Instruments since 1994. He has an extensive …

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Mobile Daquire System

Requirements To analyse engine vibration and acquire torsional wind-up data, while synchronously logging voltages, temperatures, CAN data and GPS data. Also be portable to work in a car or on a Dyno. Solution High speed Acquisition Flywheel Torsion Crank …

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Genericase Testing Solution

This case encompasses data acquisition and control, that can be set up on a desk to cycle hydraulics for life tests. It is easy to read from transducers and digital inputs or buses, and data is saved in the best data format for easy analysis.

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LabStand for Clutch Testing

Produces repeatable clutch testing, where the operator now has no influence in results so variance is minimised. It is also easy to follow and to train up new operators, but is also password protected for administrator, operator, rig maintainer and calibrator.

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The Daquire™ real-time acquisition system is designed to provide simple but flexible data acquisition combined with the unique ability to capture and analyse data in parallel.

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