A brake hose test rig with modular style, looking at the capabilities and fatigue of pressurised brake hoses under a variety of different parameters and simulations. Aiming for a modular approach for the overall system to allow for customisability and efficiency.

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC are a British multinational automotive company, with its headquarters nearby in Whitley, Coventry. They are a leading technology company in the field, with two iconic British car brands and an international reputation. With over 15 years of experience working with JLR, CCS have been involved in countless projects, from calibration to impact testing, test rigs to measurement systems.


  • Using a JLR built rig for pressure comprising of a 4.5kW Kolle Morgan motor via belt drive to ballscrew. Which provides approximately 100mm travel with the shaft pushing onto a brake cylinder, able to apply up to 350bar pressure. This also can vary conditions including displacement, gear ratio, motor power, extension speeds and pitch.
  • Transparent pass through for control and acquisition, handling safety, providing PT monitoring, calibration screen, manual control of all I/O.
  • Aim to incorporate the JLR programmed MTS to issue all test profiles and record demands for independent playback.



  • Testing Interface split into Pressure Cycle Control and Movement Cycle Control, Test Rig setup to lock/unlock guards and show system status, individual Cycle Counters to allow partial testing, Target and Completed counters, Movement Jogging and Pressure Increment control, Hose Movement and Brake Pressure plots.
  • Test Configuration Interface which can Create or Load Cycle Profile, Import Cycle Profile into controllers, enable controller to view profile and configure Manifold Pressure Trip Tolerance, Hose Pressure Drop Tolerance and Max Brake Displacement Change.
  • Rig Configuration Interface with a live status of Digital Inputs and Outputs to assist fault diagnosis, Analogue Inputs/Outputs Configuration and Data Logging Configuration.


  • CCS bespoke mobile cabinet with an integrated monitor mount, separation of 240VAC circuits and ELV DC circuits, isolator, 32A Single Phase power supply, USB connectivity, Harting connectors for connection to test rig, PMA mechanical protection of cables, interlocked connectors, keyboard and mouse.


  • Prevention of motor and actuator movement if the guard is open and not in setup mode.
  • Setup mode to provide low pressure (70psi) brake fluid pressure to enable operator to bleed hoses and system.
  • Status indication beacon, E-Stop, Reset and No Access when pressurised, as standard and user-friendly safety features.


The finished product for the initial stage was delivered to the site in January 2020, with supporting Software Instruction Manual and User presentation (including Rig Design and Wiring, Safety Overview, Software Overview, and Test Walk-Through).


  • Customer Feedback collected after 3 weeks from sign off.
  • Software updates and reviews available to JLR for the future of the rig.
  • The Next Phase looking into incorporating the JLR programmed MTS.

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Ian Billingsley

Certified LabView Architect at CCS

Lead Software Developer on this Project

Tel: +44 (0)1926 485532

Email: ian@ccsln.com


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