AP Racing is a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars. CCS has provided them with bespoke test rigs, calibrators, and data acquisition systems since 1994.

They are producing an Electric Park Brakes (EPB) assembly jig and they required transducers, signal conditioning, and software intelligence to determine the correct assembly of the parts. The assembly jig has two integrated loadcells, one for each hand. A comparison between load profiling and position is required to determine if the seal has been overloaded or damaged during assembly, so a measurement of displacement will also be required.

Order of Events



  • Basic Features
    • Pass/Fail Indication on screen.
    • Pass/Fail and total throughput saved to file and on screen.
    • No fault forward implemented so rig solenoids remain enables on fail until pass code entered.
    • High resolution load and displacement monitoring during piston insertion with live graph on screen.
  • Suggested Additional Features
    • Storage of all data to disk which IT could add to network and copy off.
    • Operator use ID card to unlock solenoids on fault so a record of the ID with a time and date stamp can be retained.
    • Enter part serial number alongside datafile for traceability.
    • DMC reading of part number – needing additional hardware.
    • High load warning


      • Electrical Cabinet
        • To include wall mounted cabinet, door electrical isolator, 240VAC single phase 13A supply, 24V 5A PSU, and fusing.
        • Build Standards all electrical connectivity cables for control and acquisition to enter and exit through the base gland plate, electrical connectivity to UUT to be via jig mounted connections, testing to safety of machinery standards EN 60204-1.
      • Jig Equipment
        • x2 Loadcells APR Specified RDP SLC-D05000, 22kN, strain gauges, integral cable
        • x2 Displacement transducers RDP ACT1000A, +/-25mm
        • x2 Solenoids­ suggestion of 24V RS307-3499#
      • Computer System to be an Intel NUC solid state PC and 10” touchscreen monitor in a wall mounted enclosure.
      • Instrumentation
        • NI USB Analogue/Digital Interface Analogue IP x4 Diff/x8 SE, range +/-10V, resolution 16bit, maximum sample rate 5kS/s
        • x2 Analogue OP SE range +/-10V, resolution 16bit, maximum sample rate 5kS/s
        • x13 Digitals bi-directional IP 0-5V, OP Active 5V / Open Collector
        • x2 Load conditioning RDP DR7DC, 24V supply, +/-10V output
        • x2 Displacement conditioning RDP DR7AC, 24V supply, +/-10V output


            On delivery they will also receive a calibration certificate, an Instruction Sheet and a full set of Wiring Drawings. Computer Controlled Solutions also conform to all CE Marking Requirements for the safety of such machinery, maintain Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance and unless otherwise stated, warranty all work and parts for a period of 12 months from delivery.


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