At Computer Controlled Solutions, we know that in the manufacturing and Product Acceptance Testing field, accuracy and reliability of your equipment is key. Over the course of our long working relationship with major names in the automotive and aerospace industries we have come to develop certain standalone products to meet the ever increasing demand for highly reliable and durable test equipment in these fields.

The Daquire

The Daquire™ real-time acquisition system is designed to provide simple but flexible data acquisition combined with the unique ability to capture and analyse data in parallel. The user interface has an easy to follow ‘Acquire’ ­­-> ‘Analyse’ -> ‘Report’ structure that has proved very reliable for our clients in the automotive, autosports and aerospace industries


More recently, we have been proud to introduce DAXES™ to the market. This Dual Axis Servo Controller has been designed with simplicity in mind from start to finish to provide a servo controller and function generator which is easy to operate yet is flexible and meets any and all customer requirements. Providing cycling with multiple frequency ranges, servo control with adjustable alarm limits and cycles, fully compatible with external data loggers and even able to integrate with existing safety systems, the DAXES™ truly allows the operator to ‘set it and forget it’.

LabStand for Clutch Testing

Requirements To test automotive clutches and minimise the operator skill level required, by being easy to operate and calibrate, but still maintain a very high accuracy, with clear reporting and raw data output. Solution LabStand from CCS for Clutch Testing Automated test solution with full operator guidance Latest transducer technology for high accuracy Manual screen

Genericase Testing Solution

Requirements Flexible platform to test components Lifecycle testing Adaptable control system Adaptable logging system Hydraulic control capability Solenoid control Encoder acquisition PID control E-Stop safety integration Solution Portable Enclosure Configured to suit test requirements Expandable and Future proof Closed loop servo control Acquisition into Diadem files Review data during long term tests Easy to calibrate

Mobile Daquire System

Requirements To analyse engine vibration and acquire torsional wind-up data, while synchronously logging voltages, temperatures, CAN data and GPS data. Also be portable to work in a car or on a Dyno. Solution High speed Acquisition Flywheel Torsion Crank Shaft Torsion Rugged Enclosure GPS Data CAN Data Volts and Temperature In Car Monitoring Easy to

In-Vehicle Data Acquisition

Bentley Motors Ltd. required an acquisition system to analyze ECU signals synchronised with electrical measurements to prove out two areas of development in the release of the next luxury vehicle.

Rail Fault Prediction and Logging

CCS Teamed up with the University of Birmingham to investigate methods of fault prediction using network based data acquisition. The result was a high speed 2 wire system which...

Load & Torque Testing – On a Grand Scale

Figure 1: Rig Design The Challenge When it comes to efficiency in crossing the oceans, bigger is always better. Container ships today are exceeding 400m in length and weighing approx....

Rocket Testing

Using LabVIEW, CompactRIO and a Compact Vision System to Upgrade a Hot-Fire Rocket Test Facility The Challenge: Controlling and measuring a hot-fire rocket engine test performed in a...

CCS Environment Monitoring

Figure 1: CCS Ltd provide you a complete service for investigation, report and management of contaminated land. 1. Investigation Contact CCS to arrange for the investigation of a contaminated or…

Spacer Damper Fatigue Testing

Paul Riley is the MD and software engineer of Computer Controlled Solutions Limited (CCS) and has been alliance member with National Instruments since 1994. He has an extensive physics/electronics/computing background applied to test and production machine control and data acquisition.

Formula 1 Caliper & Brake Test Dynamometer

AP Racing required a new type of Dynamometer which could match the high speed and acceleration rates achieved by Formula 1 cars. Also of importance was a design which could carry out these tests within the actual sections of car’s standard wheel and suspension assembly, mimicking the airflow through ducting and around the brake.

High Accuracy Production Testing of Clutch Drive Plates

Abstract Magal Engineering required an end of line test rig to provide a traceable quality standard of clutch drive plates in order to supply Original Equipment (OE) parts to the automotive industry. Of importance were high….

The Power and the Intellect

To facilitate the extensive performance, qualification, and mitigation testing carried out on components before they are applied or used on operational aircraft, Comar Fluid Power...

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