Mobile Daquire System


To analyse engine vibration and acquire torsional wind-up data, while synchronously logging voltages, temperatures, CAN data and GPS data. Also be portable to work in a car or on a Dyno.


  • High speed Acquisition
  • Flywheel Torsion
  • Crank Shaft Torsion
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • GPS Data
  • CAN Data
  • Volts and Temperature
  • In Car Monitoring
  • Easy to Configure


Mobile Daquire for Vibration Analysis

Key Advantages and Benefits

It is a portable acquisition system for vibration analysis that connects to an in-house dyno, or in the vehicle under test. Which is based on the National Instruments Compact RIO hardware and can be configured via a laptop. It also has an easy Real Time view of instantaneous acceleration, with the example of acceleration due to each piston firing.

System Features

  • 8 channels for Toothed wheel pickup
  • 16 channels for voltage
  • 8 channels for temperature
  • Can be customised to suit requirements


“To ensure that the engine is race-ready, it is important that the torsional behaviour of the engine crank train and cam drive system is acceptable. Significant torsional vibration of any of the engine rotating systems can cause rapid and severe damage. To ensure that these vibrations can be tuned-out, it is vital that the engine behaviour is measured and understood.”

A.Shaw – Development Engineer AMR




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