CCS Environment Monitoring

Figure 1: CCS Ltd provide you a complete service for investigation, report and management of contaminated land.

1. Investigation

Contact CCS to arrange for the investigation of a contaminated or potentially contaminated site. From a complete report the data is analyzed to provide a clear conclusion of any remediation work necessary.

2. Renewals / Upgrades

Many landfill sites have little or no monitoring system, or one which is overcomplicated. CCS can upgrade current systems with intuitive computer displays which deliver the data automatically back to the office for archiving and analysis.

Alarms can be sent via a pager, mobile phone, fax or e-mail.

With our experience in software systems throughout industry we can provide a system which exactly suits the purpose. In many cases software can be written to use current hardware if it is found to be suitable and serviceable.

The screen display to the right shows a typical landfill site with clear overview and alarm displays, plus a button at each bore hole which provides graphical plots of gas levels.

3. Flare Stacks which do not meet current regulations

Many flarestacks fail to meet the current regulations, requiring principally a minimum burn temperature. CCS can provide replacement flare stack and also re-use a current flare to build a ground flarestack which meets all regulations.

4. Professional and Reliable Service and Maintenance

We provide full servicing and maintenance of a complete site from mechanical maintenance to the instrumentation and computer monitoring.

As an example, a large site we service and maintain is the East Point Business Park in Dublin. This is a 500 acre reclaimed site with approx 40 internal and external sampling points per building.

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