Seat Test Rig Upgrade

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC are a British multinational automotive company, with its headquarters nearby in Whitley, Coventry. They are a leading technology company in the field, with two iconic British car brands and an international reputation. With over 15 years of experience working with JLR, CCS have been involved in countless projects, from calibration to impact testing, test rigs to measurement systems.

Initial Tasks and Responsibility of CCS

  • Rewire the AC Height Motor Control Box for the E-Step integration.
  • Produce a new two-hand operation control pendant.
  • Remove old Servo Electronics and LVDT conditioning modules, JB3, JB4 & JB5.
  • Insert new DR7DC Load Cell conditioning boxes in place with “Home” position switches for actuators.

    Cabinet Control Hardware

    • Cabinet and Power
      • Cabinet Supply 240V 13A.
      • Computer and Monitor Supply 2x 13A wall sockets.
      • Rittal Cabinet 500, 800x1200x400 including plinth, front access door only.
    • Monitor and Control PC
      • NUK Control PC running Windows 10.
      • Ethernet connection to control hardware.
      • 24” Widescreen Monitor with HDMI for enhanced test and results viewing, VESA mounted to minimise desk footprint.
    • Re-use existing AC Height Motor Control Cabinet
      • Rewire to meet safety and control requirements.
      • Remove AC Motor Run Lines source voltage via safety contacts in the event of an E-Stop condition.
      • Motor operation controlled via new remote pendant with integral dual channel E-Stop push button.
    • Interfacing – The PC will be connected to the electronics control and acquisition hardware via a private Ethernet port. A second port could prove beneficial for IT access to the machine via intranet.



      • Software Standard – All software is written in LabVIEW, a National Instruments product, by Software Engineers with Architect Certification.
      • Operation of Drives – all drives:
        • Are configured and parameters saved in a file
        • Have consecutive IP’s
        • Have analogue input
        • Have a limit of 600rpm, a positive limit on DIN 5 and a negative limit on DIN 6
        • Have set parameters such as input demand gain set to 50rpm per volt, simulation enclosure set to 100 pulses per revolution, a 10mm pitch with resolver outputting 65536 pulses per rotation
        • Are located between given limits


      • PC Homing required if the system is turned off when actuators are not home.
      • Closed Loop Control for extending up to a position or load and retracting while monitoring for a low current in case something is trapped.
      • Limit Switch Settings 3 short and 3 long actuators, with set locations, that are NC and stop the motor with a warning when driven to the limit and set to be homed at 60rpm to the minimum limit.
      • Home Safety Switch 3 short and 3 long actuators, located above the minimum switch, designed to park in position and instigate an AZ on the encoder displacement value. Upon a request for access they will check they are all in the home position, enable safe torque off, check off and allow access.


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        Ian Billingsley

        Certified LabView Architect at CCS

        Lead Software Developer on this Project

        Tel: +44 (0)1926 485532



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