You make widgets.

You need a test rig, or your old rig is no good.
We provide the solution.

How do we go about that?




Together Approach

You do what you are good at,
CCS will do what we are good at.

To many of our customers, the ‘control system’ is the unknown, but they are happy with the mechanical side. Perfect! You do the hardware, we’ll do the control system. This results in rigs well molded to a customer’s needs.

For example it has resulted in: A brake dynamometer for AP Racing, Fuel/Oxygen control and acquisition for Rocket testing at Moog, and Aerospace component testing to name just a few.

Upgrade Approach

The rig lasts for years but the control system belongs in the museum!

Most bits of metal don’t change but control systems certainly have. They’re cheaper and faster, with better operator displays and connectivity. We can have a look, keep the good bits and replace the bad bits. This approach is very cost effective, and has been used on many old servo hydraulic based rigs. For example it has resulted in:

Aileron test rig revamp: replacing the control cabinet and tying in with existing hydraulics control. A very tidy approach, saving a lot of design time and money.

Thrust Reverser Actuator test rig: same story, big savings.

Steering Column test rig revamp: again, sending the old control cabinet to the local museum, wiring in a new one and connecting to the existing mechanics and power pack.

Complete Approach

Leave it to CCS.

We can provide the complete solution. Electrical drive, hydraulic or pneumatic based, that’s what we do!

For example we have provided: Modelling tables, caliper test rigs and quad space damper rigs.

Some parts we've tested:

Radar Limbs Boosters Thrust-Reversers Vacuums Aircraft Dryers Slats Brakes Clutches Actuators Camshafts Washers Sub-sea Flaps Rockets RVDTs Wing-Tips-Brakes LVDTs Dampers F1-Tyres Scanners Locks Sensors Hoses Crankshaft Batteries Outboard-Brakes Cleaners