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What we do

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd create software control systems, test machines, production machines and data acquisition systems.

The primary industries we serve are: Aerospace, Automotive and Rail.

Our company is software centric as we believe the software is the most important element, the ‘brain’ of the system and ensures the best system design and user experience.

We have been Alliance Members of National Instruments for over 25 years with fully trained software Architects specialising in LabVIEW, VeriStand and TestStand to produce advanced industrial software solutions.

We are distributors and have trained engineers in Delta Motion Control products to meet the most demanding of Hydraulic and Electric control systems with micro-second response and micron positioning.

We also have in-house TUV Certified Machinery Safety Experts ensuring all correct safety standards are met.

How do we go about that?

Together Approach

You do what you are good at, CCS will do what we are good at.

To many of our customers, the ‘control system’ is the unknown, but they are happy with the mechanical side. Perfect! You do the hardware, we’ll do the control system. This results in rigs well moulded to a customer’s needs.

For example it has resulted in: A brake dynamometer for AP Racing, Fuel/Oxygen control and acquisition for Rocket testing at Moog, and Aerospace component testing to name just a few.

Upgrade Approach

The rig lasts for years but the control system belongs in the museum!

Most bits of metal don’t change but control systems certainly have. They’re cheaper and faster, with better operator displays and connectivity. We can have a look, keep the good bits and replace the bad bits. This approach is very cost effective, and has been used on many old servo hydraulic based rigs.

For example it has resulted in:

Aileron test rig revamp: replacing the control cabinet and tying in with existing hydraulics control. A very tidy approach, saving a lot of design time and money.

Thrust Reverser Actuator test rig: same story, big savings.

Steering Column test rig revamp: again, sending the old control cabinet to the local museum, wiring in a new one and connecting to the existing mechanics and power pack.

Complete Approach

Leave it to CCS.

We can provide the complete solution. Electrical drive, hydraulic or pneumatic based, that’s what we do!
For example we have provided: Modelling tables, caliper test rigs and quad space damper rigs.

Recent Case Studies

Electric Park Brakes Assembly Press

AP Racing is a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars. CCS has provided them with bespoke test rigs, calibrators, and data acquisition systems since...

Dynomometer Test Rig

AP Racing is a leading manufacturer of performance brake and clutch systems for road and race cars. CCS has provided them with bespoke test rigs, calibrators, software upgrades and data acquisition...

Brake Hose Capability Test Rig

A brake hose test rig with modular style, looking at the capabilities and fatigue of pressurised brake hoses under a variety of different parameters and simulations. Aiming for a modular approach...

Seat Test Rig Upgrade

Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC are a British multinational automotive company, with its headquarters nearby in Whitley, Coventry. They are a leading technology company in the field, with two...

RVDT Portable Test Instrument

Collins Aerospace is anew unit of Raytheon Technologies Corporation, formed by the merger of UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins in 2018. Collins Aerospace is one of the world’s largest...



The DAXES™ digital axes controller has been designed for simple servo control of up to three axes in a freestanding instrument which you can wire up and get running in minutes without training or …


The Daquire™ real-time acquisition system is designed to provide simple but flexible data acquisition combined with the unique ability to capture and analyse data in parallel. The user interface has …

“CCS is very innovative, a leader and full of energy in what they do.”
Lakhwant Randhawa, Jaguar Land Rover 

“We have got a long standing working relationship, so it is almost like a partnership rather than a Client / Customer relationship.”
Puricore International Ltd

“CCS have always provided us with a first class service that perfectly suits our requirements.”
Bentley Motors Ltd

“A very skilled set of employees, who complement each other to provide an excellent service.”
Jon Daniels, Meggitt Control Systems
“I can’t speak highly enough of them in any area. They are a fantastic, brilliant Company who are very efficient, responsive, and very adaptive. There are no problems, and they’re great.”
Fotech Solutions Ltd
“Job was done exactly as indicated. [CCS was] knowledgeable around the solutions.”
Jon Wells, Blaby District Council

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